Jan 9

I fall into the deep
of my emotions
Silently screaming
As you pass me by with strange looks
in your eyes
In the deep pools of night
I sit alone within myself
Feeling like I've lost my mind
My emotions run all over the place

There in the deep of your eyes
I cling to be alive
  Struggling silently to keep my heart
in tune
Trying to find that special note
Where I can sing away
these blues
My notes are off
Depressions tune is playing
Singing the words of everything's too late
Life takes me down the caverns
of sorrow
Splitting my heart
Leaving me feeling hollow
Empty without words
My mouth is broken
Only depression speaks
in the shadows
Singing silently of my sorrow.

By Weeping willow
(c) 2017;-|

Feelings of depression in the winter months of sorrow
Weeping willow
Written by
Weeping willow
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