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Dec 2016
a shell of genuine race..
quite the same as yours..
bleeds the same blood..

same beating heart,
same structured bones,
same ways as yours..

what makes us different?
what makes us the same?

well many people say..
its color,shape,
or language...

I think..
its the way we handle life..
its the way we think in time..
its our ways in our hearts..
its the decisions we make in our minds..

Nor color, race, creed, or place,
neither, size or shape or language
will decide the makings of the..
Human Race...

were all the same...but with...different DNA..
all unique, yet just as important...

call us weird, special, unique or peculiar..
strange, odd, offish among...
but each an every one of us belong...
Kaley Kerchaert
Written by
Kaley Kerchaert  F/U.S. MI
(F/U.S. MI)   
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