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Aug 2017
He said I was ungrateful.
That I never deserved his attention and affection,
You left me with a life long lesson,
If my own father couldn't love me,
Who was there else to be?
Not my mother...
There was never the possibility,
She said I looked like him,
Adopted his mannerisms,
That I was the living embodiment of him,
She knew I hated to hear it but neither did she care,
It tore me apart to be compared to Him.
Everyone agreed,
Spoke as if it were a compliment,
He was evil...
I was nothing like him,
They say a child born out of hate resembles the devil,
Back then...
I looked like him...
But now,
I look like her...
I guess I'm the product of destruction.
When two evil beings arise,
A demon is spawned.
β€œYou're just like your mum and dad”
β€œA little bit of both”
Written by
Harley Quinzel  London
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