Dec 2016
I can see your face so clearly
Amongst these amber trees
I can even hear your voice
Cutting through the autumn breeze

I miss you all so much
I always wanted to be like you
You gave me so much hope
And promised my dreams would all come true

You were truly beautiful
And had such a caring soul
Anyone who came in broken
You pieced together to remake whole

I know you would have wanted
So much more for me
But I lacked the strength I lacked the drive
And now all that's left is this hostility

Mother, I am so sorry
For not putting up a fight
I was too dead inside to care
So I let them beat me every night

If you could see me now
Would you still be proud of me
And if you knew what I had done
Would I still be in our family?

I let myself become
This monster that I hate
I no longer feel anything
Not even this constant pain

There's just this empty shell
With a beating heart inside
I've lost absolutely everything
And I can't even find my pride

So mother, I am so sorry
For ruining our family name
I'm not asking for forgiveness nor pity
I should have to live with my own shame

But I just wanted you to know
That you can't blame this on yourself
You raised me right, taught me well
I found this hell all by myself
Written by
cunting-fuck-face  25/F/Spacey space
(25/F/Spacey space)   
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