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Jan 2017
They say that they don’t care if they live or die, they lie.

For when one’s dreaming while asleep, and every scene passes with a beautiful leap.

When everything’s going just fine,
but then suddenly other alarming things align.

An accident happens within your dream. Such that,
a swift rip tearing the perfect seam.

In your dream itself, you get injured.
Within a jiff your heart beat is triggered.

It beats like it would smash through your chest.
You wake up with chaotic thoughts, such unrest.

My dear You said that it doesn’t matter whether you live or die.
Do you really think it’s that easy to escape your lies?

Everyone just assumes, at times, that no one cares for them.
That’s what happens upon the mortification of your realm.

Just an advice my dear, this life is more of a blessing than a curse.

**This universe is created, forged, perpetuated and sustained ‘for thee’.
‘Thou not’ for the Verse.
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Hope you like it :)
Muhammad Owais Siddiq
Written by
Muhammad Owais Siddiq  Riyadh
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