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Dec 2016
this happens to me every time. i'm never the 1st choice, 2nd choice, or the 3rd. a classic case of i like him, he likes her. it's like a scene out of a movies and i'm tired of playing the role of unrequited love.

scene 1: we meet and i get this nervous fluttering, like i've been repeatedly punched in the stomach, but in a good way.

scene 2: he meets me and has and has always known her, but it seems that when the attraction starts some ****** up gravitational pull makes him gravitate towards her.

scene 3: i'm in a daze talking to you after class, but it's different now and i can tell when we're talking that your mind is obviously elsewhere.

scene 4: you're holding hands and i can't help but turn around and walk away because that was supposed to me.

scene 5: you find out she has a boyfriend back home, so you break it off. i guess now both of us are alone.

scene 6: you still carry her books and walk her to class, i trail behind you with my head down and a heavy heart because i still want you so bad that it hurts.

scene 7: you're different now, broken down from unfulfilled promises and i just feel like screaming at you, "I'VE BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME."

scene 8: you slip your hand in mine and pretend like everything's alright, but when she walks by your grip loosens and i feel like i'm losing you all over again.

scene 9: i became what i didn't want to be, only this time i was the 2nd choice and not the 3rd.

scene 10: i don't want to keep on playing pretend and i don't like seeing you playing house with me when its painstakingly obvious that you wish it was her, so i let go and say, "catch her if you can."

scene 11: you chase after her like a bat out of hell and the tears fall freely from my eyes.

scene 12: what else can i say? we just weren't meant to be.

scene 13: it's been two years and you're still going strong, who am i to mess with that?

scene 14: i may have seemed like i've moved on but the day you left i cried so much i'm pretty sure that i'm going to need flood insurance.

scene 15: i hope you're *happy
allison joy
Written by
allison joy
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