Dec 2016

Circles of lavender around the moon
on the circuit where the lights fade
jaded in the doom of the darkness
inside the room where redness flash

Circles of you around the core of my soul
where we are joint by the sacrament of life
bonded by the foolishness of the world
bounded in weighted and contained measures

Circles of us see in hues and strokes of blue
lost in the wrongness of each other deficits
look at the sun and let it unburden the quest
listen to the birds whistling 'you are the one'

Circles around your feet tied to my head
as staggering momentums signals green
inside tried rings where demons are burnt
with a fair gesture of the care on my back

Circles inside my mind fooling the trees
where the bark merges with a sappy gem
as the splendor of dressed crimson sprinkles  
on a plinth where our sculptor just swirl

¥ou are the one
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