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Dec 2016
Hold to your seats and sit back as the museum unfolds
No need for viewers to walk
Speak softly in your talk
As one enters the museum in the tour to begin
Your seat is a moving auditorium and you will be taking the museum in
It isn’t until when
The museum starts in a maneuver move
A silent and relaxed setting having everything to prove
An Historian Statue narrates
History with events in numerous pasts and you will go back into history fast
Various statues seemed to come alive
However, I am not talking jive
Emotions in the look back rang high
There were touching moments when some viewers cried
A Father, Wife and Child separated during a war
Actual 1776 documents in what viewers saw
Stage after Stage, a Civil War demonstrated right before the viewer’s eyes
Understanding is what makes people wise
Still there was so much to explore
This is one museum no one will want to ignore
The revolving museum opens the next curtain
This I know all will be certain
This is President Obama I gave the Presidency my every try
But now my term is up and I must see goodbye
Revolve leading in history where problems were solved
The viewers got a journey into adventure
The Revolving Museum says thanks for your visit
So come back anytime when
So long and see you when you can.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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