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Dec 2016
Insurmountable amounts of Vitamin D
I often work myself up
And then it's time to leave
To do the packing, the self coaching
Flying through a cloudy sky
Don't drink the coffee
Beware what you touch
Nothing is washed or well kept
Unless I'm beyond exhausted
It's hard to nestle in, get shut eye
And every time I come back to the south
I find it harder to speak
And with feeling.

But it's a rescue haven
Filled with warm buttered sunrises and sundowns
That I don't much gaze into
Because it's good to huddle under a blanket
In my ocean sea bat cave.

I did it
I'm cutting to the heart, the meat
Every time I've thought to pick up a pen
And figure it out
I've felt so locked up
And I want to celebrate you
And I want to celebrate me
We should all feel so worthy and beautiful.

A show of skin
Baby remember when
You held me in your arms, a kiss so passionate
"I'll talk to you soon"
You said three times
I wasn't concerned
Of course you would.

It's been a ******* hard time
Especially for your generation
And the one above you
Idols are dying
Everyone is sighing
This is us, we voted and chose this way
Because it's us we want to stay
On top of the mountain of wealth
With little hiccup or chance
For those with wayward grins
Or a darker skin
Than what our Pappy spanked us with a belt
And instilled in us our own self treasure.

And though I speak as though I am some part of this we
My lampshades are bright and there's plenty of light
For you and you.

I could write for ages
About anything and everything
Mirrors surround me and look back at me
And I calm and reassure
The sunrise
The sunset
The flights
The circumspect.
Written by
OnwardFlame  Chicago, IL
(Chicago, IL)   
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