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Dec 2016
By: David W. Clare

I was hiding away from crooks when I met the only girl I thought I ever liked,
she said her name was Wanda...

A real oriental smasher, smart as a whip!
Easy to be with at the coffee-shop where we met...

Then she acted funny; kinda aloof like a Siamese cat!
She wasn't hungry but she knew I was...

We walked up hill in China town to the Shanghai Tower where they rent rooms by the hour...

I was in the mood for some sweet and sour!

All I got to eat was sour-dough!

We got drunk on cheap *****, then she tossed me to the dogs, I wound up on skid row...

(C) In perpetuity all rights reserved
(P) FilmNoirWorks
Hollywood type 1940s film idea about a tough dame who tossed me out!
           Film Noir is my passion...
David W Clare
Written by
David W Clare  Petaluma, USA
(Petaluma, USA)   
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