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Dec 2016
Please close your eyes, close your eyes
I can't bare to be looked at in the light

If you can't see beyond the silhouette of a personality then you can't judge the soul
Who could I be that you would love me
Who could I be thatΒ Β IΒ Β would love me
All I can control is the pose and the poise being lent to my silhouette

Whisper songs in a broken tune
From him to me, from me to you
From us to them the cycle goes
None if it is mutual, or so I'm told

Colors don't matter when you're in the dark
Lipstick stains are scattered, leaving waxy marks
You laugh and I wince praying you can't see
Don't notice the anxiety sweating off of me

As long as the lights are dim I can play this foolish game
But turn them on and I shall melt and fall again
Idk. This is literally all over the place. Started it a few days ago and trying to finish it I ended up taking it in an entirely different direction. Whoops. Feedback on this one please.
**edited 1/4/17
Written by
WickedHope  24/F/Not In F*ing Kansas Anymo
(24/F/Not In F*ing Kansas Anymo)   
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