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Dec 2016
A crescent moon shines upon their face

as they walk towards their fate together

hands entwined, love in their hearts

they thought they would live forever.

A startling sound in that lonely night

the hearts beating faster than ever

the cold fear rising in their spines

thought they wouldn't break apart, never.

Years after living together

they thought it was trust that bound them

years after loving each other

they thought it was fate who guided them.

It began with a slow trickle

then the gentle gestures went missing

that trickle grew at a steady pace

the subtle hints had begun dropping.

The curtains of trust that were there

now turning into veils of lies

the intimate moments of love that were

slowly turning into agonizing cries.

The night was still young, they had far to go

the road seemed uneven, those hands were alone

the terrors in the trust that were freshly sowed

had begun to take shape, they had started to grow.

Further and further apart they grew

till there was nothing but silence

further and further apart they walked

till there was nothing more than just night's presence.

The story comes to an end at last

with each moment bearing the hard truth

the hardest part was accepting the fact

the trickle of time that had erased their youth.
Repugnant Creature
Written by
Repugnant Creature  26/M/Texas, USA
(26/M/Texas, USA)   
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