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Dec 2016
Do you remember Sandy Hook?
Do you remember when we
Heard about a twenty-year-old
Going on a ****** spree?

December 14: Do you remember
Hearing the news that day?
Twenty children are no longer here
To run and laugh and play.

Ages six and seven they were--
The kids who lost their lives.
Imagine the pain that lingers in every
Loved one who survives.

Six adults at the school that day
Were also brutally shot.
Will we ever find a way
To cut the Gordian knot

Of senseless killing and murderous mayhem,
Or having the fear that when
Our loved ones leave the house, they might
Never come home again?

Millions of Americans cling to a murky
Second Amendment right--
Spurred on by a huge gun lobby
Whose appalling power is tight.

It's bewildering why Sandy Hook
Wasn't the very last straw.
When looking at sensible gun control,
People just hem and haw.

Universal background checks;
Assault weapons bans as well;
No large-capacity magazines…
Must that be such a hard sell?

The focus of many is strictly on
Their "rights" and their pocketbooks
Instead of demanding ways to prevent
Future "Sandy Hooks."

- By Bob B
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
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