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Dec 2016
public class Poetry extends ConsoleProgram
    public void run()
        System.out.prinln("* A poem about a word ");
        System.out.prinln(" Continue the poem using the letters ");
        System.out.prinln(" Random? No! ");
        System.out.prinln(" Of course it'll sound a bit off ");
        System.out.prinln(" Sadly that's how it is ");
        System.out.prinln(" To inexperienced poets ");
        System.out.prinln(" I for one don't like this sort of poem style ");
        System.out.prinln(" Can't always do what we want can we? *");
idk for some reason i had to put an acrostic poem in my coding program. so heres a lil poem for that program. its dumb but eh. the language is java!
zeph the deer boi
Written by
zeph the deer boi  nyc <3
(nyc <3)   
   J and Corvus
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