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Dec 2016
There are those in the world that know not of love
those people can't see the angels from above
so they go through life and most lose their fight
I say that's just not right
so I've opened my wings in flight
I hope will inspire others to be that light
at the end of the tunnel
their hearts fall apart
and they don't know where to start
so they try everything
but nothing works how can that be
no one can be alone in this life
so show them that we are Angels
and show them that they to can take flight
show them how to dance
and how to take a chance
because every step you take
is another move in your dance
of life and there is someone up above
watching your show
and waiting to take you from the depths below
but till then those that are lost
and are paying the cost
without know how to love
let us show them how
show them the power
the blessings that they seek
and that they need
and all I can say is Blessed Be The Ones in the Darkness
and let them show you they way
they'll show you to sway to the music
and how to use it
Blessed Be The Ones in the Dark
Austin Barker
Written by
Austin Barker  Arkansas
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