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Dec 2016
The dark torments my senses
cackling at my fears
Whispering the woes
that I've been bearing for years

Weighing on my heart
there lay my demons
No, they won't perish
not even with million sermons

Lurking in the shadows
They're waiting with a sinister smile
For when i give up
I'd be no exception to their guile

I want a way out
I don't wanna fall to them, a prey
Evade their clutches, i would,
Willing myself to fight everyday

That day isn't far away
When an angel will cry
Cry into the darkness she will, slaying
every dark soul that lay in her stride

Driven with blood lust
She surges forward
with a wicked glimmer in her eyes
promising all that is untoward

Amidst all the bloodshed
as she takes one look at my ragged self
Vengeance, all but forgotten
She glides down to my crumpled self

She lifts me off the ground
away from this world of suffering
Into the light i go
Never to return to the living

The pain, the taunts
none of it mattered anymore
'cause i found my salvation
And i leave behind all that i ever bore..
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