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Dec 2016
Little birds often fly to me here
whisper in my ear and tell me
about the sapphire skies, endless fields, and flowing rivers
out there.
Out there, the wind kisses your cheeks
Out there, the music from the trees sings loudly, with harmony,
along with the bees
Out there, there are no walls
no fences
no shackles
nothing from keeping you free
But I wouldn't know any of that
sitting here,
with only a little piece of heaven mocking me. unobtainable.

Believe me, I've tried.
Bruised feet, ****** hands, bleeding back, all gifts I received
And when you are like me, you know when to stop trying
They have strong whips
Yet day after day my little friends make the impossible trip, flying higher and higher
until they can bite the celestial morsel with their beaks
In my dreams I fly with them,
the wind kissing my cheeks
But when I wake up I am greeted by the familiar smell of dirt and concrete

So when they forced me up this morning
clanking with ease
I was relieved
I could feel a gentle breeze as I floated onto the scaffold
I smiled
looked up to the same piece of hope
I hear voices but I can't understand them
my head is already half-way up in the clouds
When the necklace is placed
I see my friends circling above
The next second the ground is far beneath my feet
And I'm flying with them,
the wind kissing my cheeks.
Jade Melrose
Written by
Jade Melrose  F
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