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Dec 2016
we fell out of love slowly
and i don't know
if that is a blessing
or a curse
i remember late nights
driving fast through the city
your hands in my hair
the next morning
playing with the covers
laughing until it hurt
and then nothing
why was it fast?
i wanted a slow love
that felt like your fingertips
on my cheeks
pressing down my tears
soaking them so softly into my skin
so when i wake you with my whispering
about slowly falling out of love
stop smiling like my hands are in your hair
and the city lights are passing by
i'm telling you how we fell
and how delicate it sounds
to fall from such a height
most are afraid of
these late nights
are a blessing and a curse,
like i said,
and the falling was slow
but my heart continues to pound fast

i hope your chest misses mine.
i found inspiration again
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