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Dec 2016
I keep giving my all for nothing
'Til there's nothing left of my all
At least that's how it feels some days to me
I keep holding on for something
Anything to shake my core
And wake me from this never-ending scream
Yet, myself I keep my prisoner
Masochistic by design
So enslaved by hate for self
Depression's fool
I just want to find my something
Before I'm nothing of myself
I'm losing more than winning
Sad, but true

I press on through every hell
Raging fiercely in my mind
Not knowing when to hold on
Or let go
In the end, it's just as well
For I still have yet to find my peace of mind
There's just too much time on my own
If better days are on the way
May they come soon
May they stay
For it's harder to find strength
When day and night crawl ever on
I am entombed
I am enslaved
I am the lock
I am the cage
How do I free myself
Before I'm dead and gone?
Diary of the Damned
Written by
Diary of the Damned  Stanford, Kentucky
(Stanford, Kentucky)   
   Mike Hauser
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