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Dec 2016
We’re making memories of nights that seem all too familiar
Cause we did this last week but got too intoxicated to remember
Now we’ve gotta do it again and see if it gets any better..
Like taking pictures…except no matter how many times you retake the picture the smile doesn’t look or become anymore genuine..
Like digging for treasure in the same empty spot hoping you’ll get closer the deeper you go…
Then you realize you’re the treasure and a coffin is your treasure box.

Then again you don’t really mind dying cause you don’t really have much to live for..
Waking up without a purpose is like eating food when you aren’t hungry…
Or Drinking water when you aren’t thirsty…
It just isn’t as good…
Then you starve yourself hoping you might wake up hungry for life…
Or that for a split second you’ll get to taste what it feels like to be completely, wholey and unconditionally HAPPY.
And a genuine happy too…
Not the kind that ends books or movies.
Not the one shown in tumblr quotes or magazines…
But the one written deep within the confines of your body…and radiates as far as your soul can reach.
Lisa Lesetedi
Written by
Lisa Lesetedi  19/F/Botswana
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