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Dec 2016
Held hostage.
I am one,
With the monster who has a gun,
Through my veins shoots adrenaline,
I taste bitter blood on my tongue.

Silence kept,
Not even the sound of breath,
He creeps near,
Surrounding me with fear.

A mask of a joker,
He wears on his face,
With blood dripping from his teeth,
And a cloak to hide his disgrace.

He's hunched over,
Walking on all fours,
I'm chained up,
Against two old steel doors.

Hanging there waiting,
For the knife to strike,
He holds it near my throat,
I try to fight.

Despite my efforts,
His knife does its job,
It slices my throat,
I fall to the floor,
Breathing no more.

A distraction was the gun,
To hide from me the real danger,
People are like this,
Even some strangers.

Be careful what you wish for,
I welcomed death a thousand times a day,
But when it came,
In that Crimson way,
I wanted nothing more,
Than to be able to stay.
Written by
Eloi  20/F/London
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