Dec 2016

I remember that night quite well
Went assuming you'd be there
Knowing it would be hell

Nervous shakes, biting lip
Laughs too loud
Daydream trip

I slipped into thought
Forgot where I was
Summer night, boiling hot

Crimson lipstick stained
On my white button up
Smile hiding heart pained

You appear as I hoped
Black shirt and tie
My heart in throat choked

After years of pining
Unrequited love
Was all I was finding

Your dark hair twisted
Light eyes to contrast
I regretfully resisted

No contact at all
Not eye or speech
Yet deeper I fall

Fast-forward still
Later that night
Heat subsides to chill

Lights reflect in my eyes
Strung like pearls on a necklace
And I'm hypnotized

Standing there wishing
Your hand was in mine
Romanticizing, reminiscing

A walk alone in the midnight garden
An open frame of mind
Instead of a heart hardened

It wouldn't have felt so out of place
For me to have met you there
To have a silent and secret embrace

For you, I felt so open
But you never found me there
I had just been hoping

Over the summer
Written by
     Emma, Erin Marie and Timothy
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