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Dec 2016
What do i do when youve stolen my breath and made me forget what i wanted to say?
What do we do when the moonlight has washed away our thoughts..and all we have left is this silence i cant seem to fill?  
What do i do when you want more than friendship...or more like less than a friendship?
What if all i wanted was someone to take away the pain..not add to it..
What will i do when you decide im not worth getting to know as a person but only good enough to get to know my body...
What do we expect from each other?..
Where will i find these answers that im too terrified to ask?
What if to you its only lust not love?..
Where are we going with this?.. all i seem to know is that when youre around my mind gets lost.. and when youre gone its hurts like hell because idk if youre ever coming back. Wheres the promise of tomorrow?..
Unnoticed Notes
Written by
Unnoticed Notes
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