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Dec 2016
may the ocean rise up to greet you
and carry you under the swell
siphoning hot tears from your cheeks
like lava turning to stone as it slows down
may the power of your sorrow not be enough
to erode your shaking legs to sand or crack your tired bones
and instead let it pour out like a hot current through melting snow
breaking the ice webbed around your fingers
so that you can hold things tightly again
may the wind and the earth and whatever keeps
this molten rock whirling through the universe lend you
the strength that has eluded me
to find yourself worth loving, to carve a path through
the endless winter, embracing your shoulders instead of
your loneliness
or the very monster that caused it
too heavy to bear, too ugly to face
may your heart have the constitution to face the abyss,
to let you scream and wail and cry with each step,
killing the demon inside yourself, the thing that has tricked you
into never moving, never trusting, never believing
may the sky give you new eyes to see
reflections for what they are,
roses for their petals and not their thorns
and most of all may you remember that this miserable cage
is not a cage at all, each painted bar a stroke of icy wind,
waving and dissipating if only
we move
as quickly as the time does
get well soon wish
Written by
   Connor Ruther and ---
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