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Dec 2016
Addiction is the Great Deceiver,
Depression is The Liar,
Self-pity is The Trixter,
Who cuts your Soul with wires.

Let me be Grace.

Let me climb beyond me towards the blue,
Rung after naked rung and look down
Before I arrive at the sun soaked ledge
To reach for my brother’s stretched,
Bird pecked, and bloodied human palm.

Stand at her door knocking,
Let her do all the talking.
Break the fire on the ice,
Refuse the dragon’s vice.

Girl, let me be Grace.

Let me breathe and run through the cornfield
Naked in the light of a gently dying moon,
Slide like snow on a windshield moving down
The highway with State Troopers in pursuit.

He stands on strong legs.
He kneels then he begs,
Making love like a slow dance,
He can even though he can’t.

Pray, let me be Grace.

Let me die.
Let me cry.
Let me fly and
Feel her soothing.

I want to know.
I want to grow.
I just want it to slow.
But I'm grooving.

I want to be me.
I want to be free,
But I’m bouncing my knee.

Forget it.  We're Grooving.

Let me be the wind on my own back.
Let me lead my enemy on an attack.

Let me love
Let me learn.
Let my soul
Be Reborn.

Make me live.
Make me give.

**** my words and
Silence my will.

Please let me be Grace.
Gregory K Nelson
Written by
Gregory K Nelson  39/M/Connecticut
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