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Dec 2016
Hello darkness my old friend
I’ve come to see you once again.

Big and small,
Gray and blue.
Silence is adding to the suspense
But don’t worry, I’ve come once again.

Death may do me part,
But I will always be of a sweetheart.

Darkness may be my best-friend,
But it will never be the end.

For I have since the beginning,
And correspond with ending.
To those who feel me,
Thus you know the feeling.

To say the darkness isn’t friend, would be my lie
Because darkness will always be my old friend.

I saw it soar across the sky,
Past my bed and into hamper.
It moves at the speed of light
But typical night

To say I don’t fear it,
Wouldn’t be a lie,
Because as I said “Darkness my old friend…”
The dark cannot make me of fear,
Unlike other’s I have since,
The true scary night itself.

This is the ending,
But it just began.

I know what you think,
I know what you do,
Because it is…

--  Aaliyah Montaque
Aaliyah Montaque
Written by
Aaliyah Montaque  somewhere I want to leave
(somewhere I want to leave)   
   Corthonyax and Doug Potter
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