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Dec 2016
It was the dripping sound that woke me
the subtle, soft tones, going off like clockwork
other things seemed to dim out in it's wake
it brought peace, even if it was murk.

I wish I could be there when it happened
the fancy suits, the large gathering
some words were said, some hands shook
a sadness hidden in the endless chattering.

I felt the rain come down on me
drop by drop, rolling down my face
the harder I tried to wipe it off
more seemed to come, at a faster pace.

A fire was lit and people gathered around it
some holding hands, some clinging to each other
maybe they felt the rain too, I couldn't say
the colors in the sky did seem to flutter.

I sat and let the rain wash over me
there were no clouds, though my face was still wet
wishing for things to change once again
I realize, you only want what you can never get.
Repugnant Creature
Written by
Repugnant Creature  26/M/Texas, USA
(26/M/Texas, USA)   
   kevin hamilton
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