Nov 2016

Tomorrow's another day, another ful of
Hope. Another day to share love, show kindness
In this world there's too much hate--we need to
Spread love and kindness and

Show our children that we're in this together!
Our world needs us; we
Need our world!
Gather everyone you love and

Share Kindness.
And listen to music!! All different
Varieties of music---
Every kind-- MUSIC is LIFE!
Doing good, showing kindness, and

Much more is what we need in this world.
Yesterday is just a day

Longing to bring peace to this world.
In life, it's to short to worry and
Forever is so for a way, just breathe
Everyday and show love!

T8tle from Simple Plan.
Written from my heart as it came to me.
Music is the best!!
Peace and Love
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Nina McNally-Flanders
Written by
Nina McNally-Flanders  26/F/Storybrooke, ME
(26/F/Storybrooke, ME)   
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