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Nov 2016
Viva Castro
Viva la revolution
Viva the people
Viva the killing of tyrants
Viva the guns of Santiago
Viva the exiled capitalists
Viva the educated masses
Viva the death of Apartheid
Viva homes for the homeless
Viva health care
Viva resisting empires
Viva never backing down
Viva always learning
Viva always improving
Viva learning from mistakes
Viva dialectics
Viva destiny
Viva the future
Viva the flame of life
Viva the hammer of justice
Viva the will of the exploited
Viva our comrades
Viva the titans living and dead
Viva Che
Viva Assata
Viva Fidel
Viva la revolution
Viva Cuba Libre
Alright, in the past, Fidel Castro has done things I don't agree with and will not try to justify, but I believe at his core he was one of the greatest champions of the people and of revolutionary struggle this world has ever seen. He stood his ground all his life against the aggression of empire and never stopped fighting for his people and what he believed in.
Tyler King
Written by
Tyler King  Ohio
   --- and Richie Vincent
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