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Nov 2016
Falling leaves
Rising memories
A feast for the eyes
We serve one another
Love and understanding
It is the day to give thanks
For the many blessings of life
But to those who can only weep
We pray for your deliverance
And the harvest of your faith
Even though we always fall short
Because perfection is not purpose
But instead it is in how we forgive
And I too have failed my friend
As impossible as walking on water
To shower love upon my neighbor
I confess how I am unable to do so
Still I find myself sheltered in comfort
And though you have done no wrong
You have felt the sword of a mortal fate
But by the depths of your heart and soul
Your place among the blessed is reserved
For in every smile you pass along the way
There is a sadness not unlike yourself
They have not found the meaning of pain
Only the way to soothe a broken heart
In earthly treasures and a poison glass
And so from my own sadness I will ask of you
Is it the will of your smile to forgive a sinner?
For what is in you knows the weakness in me
And what is in me wants to love what is in you
Mark Lecuona
Written by
Mark Lecuona
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