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Nov 2016
I see my future coming, coming to get me like i stole something, something doesn't feel right these days, days pass by and i notice nights, nights dark as my heart seem to be my home, home is where my heart got stolen, stolen time I keep running from the future, future me says fate and destiny say I'm great, great is an understatement to me, me myself and i cant seem to agree, agree with me if you're not afraid, afraid of the unknown  unknown to the world thats how I've grown, grown on my own in my darkness its shown, shown to the world thats too blind to see my true face, face to face and still faces are being hidden, hidden in plain sight, sight given to the blind generation seeking inspiration, inspiration to speaking the truth, truth that the press twist and bend, bend over to the will of the superpowers, superpowers kept in towers, towers built to grow above the cities because they want to be in the heavens, heavens angel was sent but never arrives to save them,  them them them we always point the blame but we're all the same, same and insane wee love the pain and struggle, struggle and trouble we refuse to be humble, humble yourself before life does it for you, you don't know what its like to in a third world fourth generation slave, slave is too harsh or not harsh enough, enough of the skin talk, talk about skin like it could walk, walk in my shoes not to know me but to endure my character, character built from scratch with an open mind and an honest heart, heart in hand i can give away, away from the pain, pain shown in my writing, writing the darkness made me love.
this is a game i think, i played it with my friend, we would start a sentence with the last word the other person used, i started writing like this after then,
Written by
Zeus  20/M/Lusaka, Zambia
(20/M/Lusaka, Zambia)   
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