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Nov 2016
Stumbling, tumbling, jumbling space
Riffles and ripples in ecstatic grace
Yet barely persists
To mark where we've been

(We leaping!
We laughing
We lunging unseen!)

And roosters behind us
Galactacious spray
That glistens and glitters
The whole Milky Way!

Roosters means the action of forming a rooster-tail like the spray of water behind a speed boat.

Galactacious is a ***** word. Made from Galaxy and lact- meaning milk.

I dedicate this poem, Space, to The Hyland Studio to honor the create and aesthetic they inspire. [25 October 2019]
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
Written by
Kevin J Taylor  Thataway
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