Mar 2012

She will be open
and yet mysterious and concerned
but not really very serious
yet she will have class without pretence
and style without offense .

She will be able to  laugh
but will be somewhat serene
and she will take the time to dream
yet will sit in slience when there is nothing to be  
said and she will talk about her freedom
that she lives everyday.

This is the women that I look for  
and I wonder where are
you are hiding my love
because I have sought you
for so long.

I will care not whose you were
or even whose you are
because when I see you
and look into your eyes you
will know that you
are mine.

Each day without you
will never come again and I wait in hope
and sorrow thinking that maybe
you will come tomorrow
and connect with my soul.

Love was before birth
and love is after death and the emotions
that I have explored here
are very near to my heart
and I hope that I have expressed
them well.                

These were my thoughts
and emotions when I met her
but she stayed for only two years
and now now she is gone.

I sit here knowing that another
will come soon and I will try again
to make my dreams
come true.                           

I have to remember
that people live and die but
I know that there  is a place for me
in someone's eye...         Jon York        2012

Jon York
Written by
Jon York  Arma, Kansas
(Arma, Kansas)   
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