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Nov 2016
It's amazing how we don't wear our mental scars on our visible skin but if you look hard enough you can still see them.
It's amazing how once you see them, if you touch them you can feel them, not in a physical sense like feel the cut but in a physical sense where you can feel the pain
and It's crazy because I look at your scars and compare mine and they look the same and I know the pain and it's really a shame that we're both victim to this game and there's so many to blame and all I want to do is heal yours and soothe the soreness when we both have open wounds yet they're all flawless and make us who we are and gorgeous and baby I just want you to know this
I'm sorry for the pain you've endured and your scars I want to kiss so I kiss your head and tell you that I love you.
Your place is your place and it's right here in my heart. You have every right to be upset if I do wrong, though, I promise not to tear you apart. I promise to put you back together from your previous falls and how those scars remain to this day but I promise I won't take advantage of your mental pain and I'll never let you slip away or bring upon you rain.
I promise you with me, it's okay, and it might not be today but I'll heal all and keep you safe, promise to leave those scars shut and never add to your collection and keep those scars a memory which you never recollect on.
Kaylee L
Written by
Kaylee L
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