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Nov 2016
they tell us from a young age
to be ourselves
yet we're expected
to be like everyone else

I made my own
snowflake world
special to me
yet others found strange

they stalked their celebrity crush
and listened to rap
while obsessing over shoes
expecting others to do the same
why do I get looks
for being in my own world?

-here comes loud obnoxious infomercial voice-
stop diverting
hide yourself
conceal away your desires

you are flawed
we can help
you're just one payment away
from sheep like happiness

falling under their spells
i was doomed from the start
i'm like every other teenage girl
dealing with this lipstick chaos
now I am jejune
idk this is like a ****** song I'm working on. there's this person who makes songs using vocaloids and she uses themes to tell her story. some themes she's used have been, colors, trains, teeth, color bars/tv, and radios. I love these songs and I wanna make songs like her! so the theme is supposed to be makeup...idk...I'm working on it...I'll be revising it. I already drew the character for the story and eventually when I get a vocaloid ill put it on youtube!
zeph the deer boi
Written by
zeph the deer boi  nyc <3
(nyc <3)   
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