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Nov 2016
It's you.
I know it's you.
You leave thought's in my head.
You leave scars on my heart.
You leave pain in my soul.
Everything reminds me of you.

It’s you.
I know it’s you.
The shade of pink your cheeks turn when you blush.
The little marks on your tummy.
The crinkles by your eyes when you smile that mediocre smile.
The little bit of blonde color in your hair.
Your eyes.
Your accent.
Your taste.
They're all printed in my brain.

It's you.
I know it's you.
Something's screaming inside,
looking for that person who calms the anxiousness.
Then the searching stops.
And the regrets come back,
along with the demons.
They are imprisoned in my soul again.

It's you.
I know it's you.
Something's bleeding inside.
It’s not blood.
I don’t know what it is.
But it keeps dripping,
until it silently drowns me in a pit of my own despair and sadness.

It's you.
I know it's you.
Something's broken outside.
But it's not glass.
It's the sound my knuckles make as my fist hits wall.
It's the thirst of my throat.
It's the scream of my stomach.
It's the fact that,
You broke every single part that's left of me.

It's you.
It's know it's you.
My ears miss your laughs.
My eyes miss your cheesy smile.
My nose misses that distinctive scent.
My lips miss that mint gum flavor.
My hand misses that touch of your delicate hand.
My shoulders miss that tight hug of yours.
My chest misses the way you made my heart beat so fast.
My feet miss the way it should walk everyday to see you.
My fingers miss the way they entwined with yours.
My hair misses the way you caress it.
Every single part of me is missing you.

It's you.
I know it's you.
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Or am I the pathetic one?
You still make me happy even if you are the main reason why I'm sad.
I let you become my happiness and that's where I went wrong.
Because you killed what was left of the good in me.
Yet I still loved you.

It's you.
It's always been you.
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