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Nov 2016
Holy Father forgive me,
For I am soon to sin.
I close my eyes,
And let the darkness in.

My demons speak in whispers,
They hunger for so much blood.
They chatter along softly,
Whispering words I never understood.

They sit upon my shoulders,
Now there's no angel there.
They speak in dark parables,
And whisper darkness in my ear.

I found his bedroom door shut,
And quickly made my way in,
My demons led the way out,
Mere moments after my most mortal sin.

His blood feeds my demons,
And covers me from head to toe.
I feel the darkness closing in on me,
Closing in so slow.

Holy Father forgive my sins,
And cleanse this darkened soul,
For I may never enter the gates of Heaven,
With these blood soaked clothes.
Aaron Reisinger
Written by
Aaron Reisinger
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