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Nov 2016
A Repentance OF Heart

He stood before the congregation
On blended knees asking Jehovah
To forgive me,
This at one time was a hard thing
For me to do,
I once walked in the dark with me
Head hung down in shame.
I hand been walking in the dark with
All kinds of sins I had made along that
Darken road,
There was no one else to blame for
My shames but me.
Satan used even used all my family
To take me down and made me feel
Like I was some kind clown that every
One kept beating down on the ground,
This was part of Satan his evil plan.
It works for many sad lonely darken years,
He set out to ruin the reputation of me
put an end to this godly sister I once was  
There I was weeping in the wind with a life
Time of deep dark sins,
I would cry out to Jehovah God how could
You love someone like me.
My ten years walking in the dark almost lost
My spiritual heart,
My life I could not bear another year;
So Jehovah sent brothers and sisters
The young and the old
to let me know I am
Not alone.
A repentant heart I truly hold within myself
But I was afraid to stand up for myself.
My sins weighted me down so much I almost
Couldn't stand on Holy grounds,
That's when I realized how easily
This could happen to you or me.
Those without sin can cast the first stone,
Which nobody did.
So, one night alone I set down on hands and
Knees and ask Jehovah God to forgive me,
Then out of know where my eyes could see
My heart was making a new beat of a new
Life working inside of me,
A new woman I became to be,
And all my sins
Had been washed away.
A lesson is here for all of us to see;
Any one can fall to deep in sin just like me.
But all it takes is a repentance of heart
For our Fathers healing to begin in Jesus name

Poetic Judy Emery © 1981
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
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