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Nov 2016
The way our bodies are so intricate,
doesn’t this amaze you? I’m looking now at each and every line on my palm
and somehow I want to cut open each one.

There is something so special about the blood that fills our hand
and there’s something precious about the capillary refill that takes place with
each touch. I’m searching for a real thing to cherish within our bodies.

Will I find it?

A ripped nail, a broken nose,
skin slippage, severed head,
entrails taken out, brash as ****.

I end my day with the anatomy textbook,
and picture cutting my pocket knife (or maybe something bigger)
into my patient’s throat and hear the gurgling sounds.

I had too much free time as a child.
So many white lies humans tell and so many
white lines humans draw, yet who crosses these lines and tells these lies?

I’m searching for these answers
and it might lay within the anatomy of some type of mammal;
an expensive mammal.

A mammal more precious than any that has ever existed
and I don’t think they all understand
and can convey why life is so cherishable.

And why it’s something that I want to take
to see for myself how they’re taken and
where they go. I used to think that I could get a jar and hold it forever.

Xany gnawing, silver spooned, and Caddy driving lives in a jar.
It’d sparkle and it’d illuminate my dark room,
and maybe it could warm me up a little.

I’m searching for something real to love.
Noah is... really starting to wonder why he's doing these things and figuring out how to explain himself. Noah really is interested in the human body. He likes knowing how things live, work, and die. He wants to know. I'm labelling all these with the NSFW tag just in case.
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
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