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Nov 2016
tonight i'll get drunk on stolen time
because i have nothing but stars left on the line
and wings to burn in a solar embrace
everybody's a devil or a deviant inside of this place

i saw it once, in a time of abjection
in which you gave me a direct venesection
your words flowed through my aorta, then subsequent arteries
"what a peculiar girl," you laughed heartily (ha ha ha)

i always confuse lazarus with lapis lazuli
because when i was young i was rather unruly
but they always told me that if i tried
i could find myself a spot in a cerulean sky

i am the wax that drips from thunderheads
and with my umbras and undulations i rouse the dead
they told me life flies by the longer you wait
so i burnt off its wings and locked it away
twelve caesuras
Written by
twelve caesuras  suicide notes, love poems
(suicide notes, love poems)   
   privatescool, tc and kenny
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