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Nov 2016
Momma can't cry right now.
She's got too many kids that beat her to it.
                                                            ­     beat
Like the thrumming of her heart.

There's too much poetry for pain
And songs riding the waves of grief.
That's what it is to be human, Momma whispers,
Even if no one hears here, even if her children have g    o    n    e
                                                ­                                             o   o
                                                               ­                             n         n
                                                               ­                                 e            e
Scattered to the winds like her hopes and dreams
And she's afraid she'll never see them again,
That the lump in her throat is cancerous with grief
And it's stuck like she is and she'll choke.
               stuck                              fear
she   is  stuck      in       her                       self
               stuck                         grief

But Momma can't cry right now.
The tears would splash like broken glass
And splinter like her h
            (beat)                    e                        ­                  (beat)
                                        ­     a             (beat)
                       (beat)                r
                                         ­            t                            (beat)
Murmurs like her soul.

There's too many questions in the dark
And monsters hiding behind words.
That's what it is to be free, Momma whispers,
Even if
      ven if
            en if
                 n if
                           You    d  i  s  a  p  p  e  a  r

To be (not) seen, not heard,
To be the silence at a wake.

Momma can't cry.
Momma can't cry.
Momma can't
She can't
Can't cry.
So Donald Drumpf, it seems, will be the next American president. My family is scared that some of us may be deported and our family will be broken apart. I wrote this for my mom because she always has to be the strong one, even now when she's scared of losing her family.
The Nameless
Written by
The Nameless  22/Other/I don't know where I am
(22/Other/I don't know where I am)   
       JN Cole, ---, ---, Lora Lee, ryn and 3 others
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