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Nov 2016
I dream awake as a silent dragon with a jade arm and no sense of one's self,
I can talk for days losing complete track of one topic to another but I'll keep you entertained
I am the child of a man of word and a woman of nature, cursed by the nine to see truth,
I welcome all into the conversation, I am trusting that all trust me
This dragon kills for what seems like no reason, he's killed kings, presents, giants, pawns, friends and even gods,
if you harm me so be it, if you touch my family I'll ******* torture you, death would be to pleasant for what I have in mind
Sometimes my dreams mash with reality imposing faces onto characters, and traits into powers,
I'm personable, and a omnist, opening all the time
This provides me with challenges everyday since no one is exactly an enemy or ally and remain as such throughout the daydreams,
I assert my presence in many forms of art
He has adapted or evolved as I have learned more of reality causing him to believe he's immortal,
I am inclined to mention that we may all look a bit crazy sometimes
The really funny thing is his day shares mine but our nights are spent in his,
I am always here for you or at least do my best
However each night he's sitting on a roof planning the heist of little importance, only to discover a powerful elven princesses trapped so he frees her and they escape,
though I may be a hypocrite about some statements
Then the dragon decides before he sleeps that night that he will help the princess find out who she is,
*I am simply me and nothing else, you are so much more
Kyle madill Baker
Written by
Kyle madill Baker  28/Other
   yellah girl
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