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Nov 2016
hard to play the idiot; likened to Mr. Bean
taking the role from
            Angus Daily into a Blackadder
   hurrah who? ha, ha, ha!
        my eyes never
left me baffled - or washington prone:
*** to a stirrup - furthermore,
  or Rushmore:
Atilla with an entourage
worthy of Genghis: of prone gravitas -
i too santa's little helper
and sinatra's
five p.m. flamingo strut's
worth of martini -
when said slavic eye then lessened
germanic white-boy fisheyed to boot...
i mean less binocular and more concentrate...
there's me as a fifth of Nevada in Siberia
that's always the: ****! we sold Alaska!
Nicolai! oh Nicolai! Alaska! ****! or
  of what was the Crimea, of what is the Kremlin:
k, c, k, c, s, c, k, c, k, c, Vlad, s, t, u, v, k, c, s,
Rasputin, k, c, k, c, Boney M....
i'm still fidgety about the third ethnicity in
europe... i have to gather them attune to being
southern slav, or pseudo-turkish,
Finns, Latvians and Greeks... sounds like
falafel: all guidance to the subsequent reprimands
of necessarily tongue-tied whiplash -
gravitas with the kink and jeopardy of a gimp
fetish on the loose.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
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