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Nov 2016
Through history are we distinguishable
What is the principle difference
Do we need a reference?
Human beings two legs
Wait what about paraplegics
Two eyes
What if they don't work?
You tell me to stop being a ****!
What about arms and hands
Don't monkeys have them too
What is human about you?
A humans conscious thoughts legendary
But what is scary is that we form packs
Smoke *****
get high
and die
Follow our leaders like sheep
Morality isn't that deep
The Majorities rules ok
They say that atoms are interchangeable
But are they unique
Is there are creaking reality
Under the microscope
As we **** on our spliffs
And forget we ever thought of this
Try to forget as we spin out
On an ever changing axis
Like the earth we live on
Like the merry go round
I want to get off
My heart is beating uncontrollably
I try not to cough
For fear of being sick
Atoms between me and you
And I don't want to be a ****
I change the tv channel
On to something less learned
As my mind fashions more questions
To things I know more about
Or do I?
Atoms getting high sick sheep microscope spliffs heart beating uncontrollably consciousness human legs eyes
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