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Nov 2016
My head betrays my heart
my actions betray my words
I am neither wise or smart
so forget what you heard
forget the myth
I'm none of that
all I have is this
there are no facts
for i only exist
as a collection of thoughts
in my head
in your head
I disappear when I go to bed
I exists not in sleep
only death knows my real name
only for her do I weep
I seek not fortune and fame
just the silence of truth
but it's not a choice I can make
for how do you choose to loose?
to let go of everything that's fake
the superficial world
the artificial machine
I just want to be held
I just want to be seen
cradle me in your arms
let me trace the lines across your palms
so short a life line
a thought ignored the signs
how could eyes be so blind
you lay before me naked
and I left you in the cold
I forsook everything sacred
even though I wanted you to hold
to curl up next to you like a fire
a woman's best friend
walking across the wire
like Churchill's merry men
been warring with myself for years
you got caught in the crossfire
everything seemed so weird
slightly askew
tell me dearest what's right and true
lead my heart like compass
lead me to you.
The uniVerse
Written by
The uniVerse  England
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