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Mar 2012
"She's fake"?
What you see is what you get.

"She's a ****"?
Unlike you, She's still a ******.

"She's changed"?
No, She's just grown up.

"She's not depressed just sad"?
Look at her wrists and learn to read her mind.

"She eats, just not infront of you"?
Her last proper meal was 2 weeks ago.

" Her families perfect?"*
Her dads drinks excessively,
Her mum, she takes drugs
& her brothers are just too young to understand.

She's broken her mirror,
and shys away from the reflective shards.
She cries herself to sleep,
and struggles to leave her bed each morning.
She doesn't talk much,
her bestfriend is a razor
and she confides in music.
Yet, after everything you say, she still stands stronger than you ever will..
Written by
Madds  Melbourne
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