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Nov 2016
One can be an idiot with their adolescence
One can inhale desire and exhale mistakes
And only after they feel good
Do they have to double take
One's thoughts can be controlled
Not monitored, but thought for them
One can be a marionette
The strings are hidden, but the doll a gem
The epitome of perfection rolled into one
And the lungs that breathe in
Don't realized their breaths are unstable
Until the cable is cut at the hands of the men
The ones that decide when it's time to cry
Or when you're feeling down or feeling free
Do you feel anything besides the insanity
Do you really feel? It's instability
All at it's finest and your eyes are set
On a goal that's never been yours
Breathing is a chore because you're being forced
To take a breath for the sake and respect of these ******
Who aren't *****, just *****, just cruel
As cruel as any insult you can toss
And I can throw an insult farther than a person
But I never said I wouldn't stop to try at the sake of your loss
The ball is in your hands but it's always been
I will never count my blessings until I feel I am blessed
But that's my fault because with my adolescence I can't feel
They ripped at my heart until all of this became a ****** mess
Am I less now that I know the truth?
That my youth was never my own just a way for you to hone
Your skills in manipulation
Is it too late to give up and just let you take control?
There's no rule to giving in to let you win
I give up and I know
That all that I give up is enough to hold me back
I've lost it all and my mind and this time I won't get it back
One mistake I was willing to make was my *innocence
Ann Nicole
Written by
Ann Nicole
   --- and Dana Colgan
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