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Nov 2016
While I am traveling back home
I wanted to write lengthy poem
Just to jot down - I am existed

Life is a unidirectional flow
flows with the massive force
where the power enough to
destroy and uproot yourself
in an unimaginable way if you
disagree - to certain principals

Yet it is funny - the flow diverts you
and showed up the way against
and dare you to go against

If a blink of a thought is the smallest
fracture of the flow what takes us
I will dive deep into the thought
just get to know - whether it has a way
to turn it up towards the freedom
I always seeking

The sad story is keep happening
like the everything else the truth
it also showing only the illusion
and lost me in a position where
I can't find the way back home

Then just like you awaken from
sleep paralysis - I get up and then
I forcefully convince myself - the destination
will be there in minute - so be normal

Now today I am in a position
Where I can't track down myself
In the pane of universe because
neither X nor Y or the so called cross
not helping me at all
Meantime you also diagnosed me
with the overthinking complex

I should not find myself
in the same place I lost myself
but yet can anyone please answer me
with out theΒ Β exaggerated bogus
where this all go
after so many exhausted attempts of

As a foot note I want to say this
truth is also in my perspective
is an illusion where it comes
gives me the glimpse of that
everything is wonderfully

Track me down and let me live
Or take me to the place I belong

Β© shanikayrs
shanika yrs
Written by
shanika yrs  Colombo
     Smit, NV, Moonsocket, CeriseRed, Glass and 2 others
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