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Nov 2016
It's cold tonight,
And I should be too.

It's cold tonight,
And ***** this and ***** you.

It's cold tonight,
And why should I care?

It's cold tonight
And I'm shivering
And I'm shaking
And I just can't breathe ******* it.

It's cold tonight
And I just want to be alone and freeze,
Because the only person I want to be warm around
Is four hundred ******* miles away.

And when your words distance themselves
From your heart
It hurts to not be reassured
When all you wanna hear is that they'll stay,
That it's gonna be a-o-******'-kay.

But you don't even know.

It's cold tonight,
And so am I.

It's cold tonight,
And cut me open,
I won't bleed, I swear,
I'll shatter.

It's cold tonight,
And I'm angry for no reason,
Throwing a ******* tantrum,
Because my heart hurts and
You're distant.

And I know I'm immature
I know I have no reason to be upset,
But I am and I can't pinpoint why and
**** it.

Forget it.
I can't even make sense
To myself.

It's cold tonight,
And so am I.
I hate that I can't read people without seeing them in person and I can't pick up on cues and I can't do anything like a normal ******* person. I can't tell moods, I can't figure anything out unless you tell me and if you don't tell me I'll just assume I did something wrong.
storm siren
Written by
storm siren  26/Neither/Hell or High Water
(26/Neither/Hell or High Water)   
     Sam, Breeze-Mist, ---, xmxrgxncy and Azaria
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