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Mar 2012

What am I thinking of
My thoughts elude me, yet they are my thoughts are they not
The best thing about thoughts, and thinking is that you can not control them
A thought is already in your head before you have any say in weather it should be conjured
We choose to ignore many thoughts, act like they do not exist, but they do
Let your brain think, do not try and control your thoughts
Controlling thought is cutting yourself off from opportunity

Yet not enough people think
People choose not to or are trained not to think
Thinking is thought to be dangerous to many people
Thinking scares them, thinking enables us to reject the status quo
Thinking enables us to change, and to learn
Yet, we are trained to not think about these things
These things that are made to seem natural and true
Things we do not have to think about

This is a purposeful trap
Something too many of us find ourselves in
We do not even know we are not thinking what needs to be thought about
We are mentally whipped into shape
made to think about only what is good for the powers that be
For thinking is a dangerous tool, and thinking leads to action
Action leads to change, and they do not want change
Change would mean the loss of power
Which would force people to think
Hersch Rothmel
Written by
Hersch Rothmel
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